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There are no K95 keycap replacements on the Corsair store, despite this being the most expensive keyboard. Cost me nearly $200 for this keyboard.
I had to RMA this keyboard twice because of failing LEDs, so I easily paid over $200 if you include return shipping. Hindsight, I'll never buy an LED keyboard again because its just more things that can fail.

But the issue now is the keycaps, and I don't see any options on the Corsair store.

I'm making this thread because I know I'm not the only one who has had to deal with these cheap plastic parts, so someone out there must know what the best replacement option is.

If I cannot just buy ONE replacement key, and I have to buy an entire set, I want quality this time. Not the wrong set of fragile keycaps.

The plastic in these original keycaps are ONLY 1 millimeter or less in width, with barely any reinforcement. In inches guys, that's a pitiful 1/26".

I'd expect more for spending $180, but if not for that reason, my past experience with other keyboards.
My first computer came with a buckling spring keyboard, that was back in 1995. I used that keyboard as a kid, so I was probably rough on it, but you know what, after over 6 years daily usage, not one keycap broke.
I used a cheap logitech membrance keyboard, for at least 8 years. Used it so much, the lettering on the keys wore off from the oil on my fingers, but guess what, not a single keycap broke.

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