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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Whooops. Lost in all of this was the 360mm H150i. At full tilt with high fan speeds, there is not a lot of difference between a 280 and 360mm for CPU level loads. You can start to stretch things out with 300W+, but that is only going to come into play on GPU or multi-component systems. As whether to go with a 360mm or 280mm, it is your case that should be the determining factor. Yes, a lot of them can do both, but that does not mean one fit isn't better than another. There are often little mounting flanges or other items that might make one or the other more desirable. There are also aesthetic reasons too. My 740 Air is a big, wide case. It screams out for all 140mm fans everywhere and it looks really nice. Additionally, I can put a 280mm in 3 different places in the model. A 360mm has only one mount location. Easy choice. On the other hand, a skinnier case like a 460 or 570 really does better with 120mm based radiators and the extra width of a 280/140 can be a problem, precluding other hardware or mounting locations.

I am always in favor of getting the largest radiator that fits your space. It allows you to keep low fan speeds and thus a quieter environment at idle and load. After that, it really is case specific and not performance.
Just a quick update I went with the H115i Pro RGB in the end since it was in my price range had to remove the thermal paste and reapply it since it was bone dry out the box and the CPU Spiked to 100c now its all good with MX-4 Thermal Paste applied. How's my Temps looking? normally my CPU Idles around 27c and when gaming around 50 to 65c

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