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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Yes, 2160 is balanced on the Pro. The “Quiet” setting is about the same on the Platinum. Balanced on the Platinum is around 2450.

AIO cooling systems are short in length and typically only have one component. The restriction level is low. You don’t need a lot of pressure to create moderate flow. Additionally, there is a balance the flow speed (or cycle rate) vs time in radiator channel. Increasing the flow rate means more trips to the radiator in a given interval of time, but also less time in the radiator to have the heat dissipated. It also means each unit of water is in the CPU/GPU block for marginally longer and may pick up more heat, thus the coolant temp is "warmer". Temp drop per pass is typically 1-1.5C at most, so these are fine margins either way. Trying to assess the difference is tedious and tiny. The notable exception to all this is there does seem to be a minimum pressure level where coolant flow rate is dramatically affected and this tips the scales. The 1100 rpm pump speed can push temps up 6-10C depending on CPU. Too slow is too slow, but faster is not necessarily better.

Aside from the increased noise, there isn’t a downside to the higher speed (excluding the argument above). In a theoretical sense, faster must be more wear, but that is not how they are assessed (hours of operation) and nobody drives their car at 25 mph everywhere because it’s less wear than 45-65 mph. Use it how you need to.
Thank you c-attack.
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