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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
The “FS” designation is a new one for me. I’ll need to look into it. The others AIO/W-pump etc were designed for just that - a pump that needs a constant 12v. Well, work with what you have first. I would take the “disabled” function off AIO/W-pump and then set the internal fan delay at 8 or 12 seconds (up and down). That may be enough to keep things reasonable. The non-cpu fan headers will allow for longer delays. Try looking in the Advanced BIOS -> Monitoring tab, way at the bottom, Q-Fan control. Cpu fan has hidden parameters that will cause a reaction in certain conditions so that one is still better served by hosting the cooler lead. There is no advantage to placing the cooler connector on AIO or W-pump. I am saying this for about the 29th time, I really wish Asus would knock off this “specialized header” nonsense. These used to all be CHAssis fan headers with full control options. We actually have less control and flexibility with the current scheme.
OK, so I figured it out after actually putting my system together last night and delving into the BIOS.

In the BIOS I can change both AIO_PUMP and W_PUMP+ to operate in pump mode, DC mode or PWM mode and the PWM mode specifically says it's a PWM mode for chassis fans in the description.

Then it gives me the option in the BIOS to choose what temperature sensor (CPU, motherboard, PCH etc) to control that fan off of.

So, my problem is solved because I can plug the H115i into CPU_FAN, the two fans on the radiator directly into the H115i, rear fan to CHA_FAN and the two front fans to AIO_PUMP and W_PUMP+, each set in PWM mode.
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