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Default Correct fan setup for H115i Pro and case fans in Air 540

Hi all

I've got a question about setting up my H115i Pro and case fans.

In my Corsair Air 540 I've got 2 front 140mm fans, the H115i Pro as top exhaust and a 140mm rear exhaust. The way I think of it is that the top front intake and rear exhaust are there to assist the H115i pro in cooling the CPU plus also cooling the VRM and RAM. And the bottom intake is primarily there to cool the GPU.

My question is what the optimal fan setup is for powering and controlling all the fans. I was thinking:
- H115i Pro fans connected to the cooler per the instructions and controlled by coolant temp.
- Top intake and rear exhaust connected to the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT slots on my motherboard to be controlled by CPU temperature.
- Bottom intake to be connected to CHA_FAN slot on motherboard to be controlled by general system temp (or GPU temp specifically if the Asus software allows that).

1) Does that make sense? Should I be setting up the fans differently?
2) If I set the fans up like that do I plug in the 3-pin cable from the H115i Pro to the AIO_PUMP slot on my motherboard? I'm guessing I just leave it unplugged based on the answer below from the FAQ.

A7. My pump is powered by a SATA power connection. Do you need to plug in the fan header?
If your pump is powered by a SATA power connection, the pump does not need to be plugged into a fan header for proper operation. The fan header connection on your pump is there to provide a tach signal to the CPU_FAN header so that you don't get a CPU fan warning on boot. Because of this, this should only be plugged in to the CPU_FAN header. This includes the new PRO series coolers as well as some of the previous generation coolers.

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