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Hi CJ,
I would encourage you to review my case, ticket #6922867. It hasn't been the best experience, and I have still yet to receive answers to my many questions. Right now I'm waiting for an RMA device to arrive but I don't feel that it will solve my (and the others that are having it) problem.

Please also review the thread here:

After reviewing the thread and ticket you'll find at least 6 instances of customers with LNP, the latest CL software and firmware, and no one has gotten the LNP to work with SP fans. Note I have not definitively seen anyone on this forum state that they HAVE gotten it to work. In fact, the video that you posted to dropbox is the first bit of evidence that I've seen anywhere that actually shows these products working together the way they are supposed to.

Also, I just upgraded to and firmware 0.3.72 and I am still seeing the same behavior.

Please help!
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