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Default Video Example of SP RGB Fan Modes

Originally Posted by nsteele View Post
Corsair stated that the SP120 RGB also has a rainbow mode with the LNP, was hoping someone could post pictures or videos of this! I know a lot of people are curious, thanks in advance :)
Here's a quick video that shows the rainbow mode and a few other effects.

For reference:
Corsair Link
Lighting Node Pro Firmware 0.2.65

Out of the box, Lighting Node Pro will require a firmware update and at least CL 4.6 to support SP RGB fans.

Originally Posted by whuber97 View Post
No one can do this because the SP120's don't actually work with the LNP, despite the latest release of Corsair Link saying they do.
They do work and have worked consistently on all the samples of LNP and SP RGB fans I've tried. If you're experiencing issues, it's recommended to contact our support team for a solution (also make sure you're on the latest version of CL4 and have the latest firmware).

We try to replicate the issue on our end when we come across them, and address them in future software/firmware updates. However, not all environments and hardware configurations can be accounted for, making this process tricky if the problem only manifests itself in very specific situations.

Originally Posted by grandmst20 View Post
This. SP120 fans have issues and do not function correctly with Corsair Link or LNP.
See above.

Please contact our support team if you have any issues. 4.7 just went live and will enable some new lighting modes for SP RGB fans (the new lighting modes require a new firmware update for the LNP, so it's worth a shot to try the new firmware when it becomes available, shouldn't be long after 4.7 drops)

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