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Default Corsair Fan / AIO Build. Some Questions to get it right.

Hey , so I plan on doing a Corsair RGB Build in an Lian Li Dynamic 011 XL. I have specific questions for my build / different equipment.
  1. I plan on buying a H115i RGB Platinum Version or H100i Platinum AIO Cooler for the CPU. How does the connection to RGB work? I know that the pump is connected via a USB cable to a 9pin USB2.0 connector on the Motherboard, are the RGB Fanīs also connected to the USB Port?
  2. I plan on building in 6 x 120mm Corsair Node LL Fans, I know that I need a Fan Hub for all 6 Fans and that this Hub can be connected either directly to a motherboard (via Jcorsair1 connection) or to a commander pro. Does that mean that I can only change the RPM via a Commander pro? If not is it really that big of a downside if they run at 100%?
  3. If I need a Commander Pro for regulating the RPM , I read that itīs really unreliable and can break very easily ( a lot of people complain that either one or more fan channels are broken after 1 or 2 months of use). Can someone tell me what their history with the Commander pro is?
  4. If I connect the AIO and the Fan-Hub or Commander Pro to 2x USB 2.0 Connections I should be able to regulate RGB of AIO and Fan RGB and Fan RPM (only for Commander installation and not Hub installation) Right?

I really really like to be safe on that and I donīt want to order (and wait) more than I have to. Wanna make it right and that it looks dope.
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