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Originally Posted by a2jy2k View Post
I purchased my void usb headset today and I've unfortunately had continuous problems with it. From the start my computer seemed to have a hard time even playing sound when the headset was plugged in, regardless of my default playback device, but I played with it for a while, then restarted my computer a couple thousand times and now I can get it to work as long as I don't unplug it, otherwise, if I try to move the usb, it's shot again. I quickly started up Skype to play some GW2 with a friend and he told me he couldn't tell if I was talking or not. I read the sticky regarding mic sensitivity and upon following the steps there and enabling listening i could see that even with the mic pressed up to my lips, yelling into it, the best audio I could get sounded awful. Hissing, crackling, severely pitched up, incredibly distorted and near impossible to understand. If anyone has any idea what to do here, I'd greatly appreciate the help. Thank you, guys.
P.S. If my system info is required I will be updating it shortly.
- Austin
Wired or wireless headset?
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