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Originally Posted by Kingseh View Post
Feel like I keep saying it, but thanks again both of you for the replies. Wouldn’t have a clue what to do without you two. Please let me know if there is a ratings system or something I can use to show you both gratitude for the help on these dorums. I took c-attack’s advice & by stopping each fan individually, I figured out it was only one of the radiator fans making such a loud noise (the rest being almost silent). I am going to check for any wires disrupting the fan and try replacing it with a different one to see if it is a problem with the fan itself.
Hmmm ... that sounds like it may be a flaky fan. You may be able to get that replaced individually (without doing an RMA on the entire unit). Certainly, that would be ideal.
If you do replace it, however, please keep in mind that the cooler will only control 4-pin, PWM fans. 3-pin/DC fans will spin at full speed the entire time. And we'll be right back here in no time.
I do, personally, really like the ML series fans and you can get a two-pack without LEDs for a reasonable price. The only difference between the fans that come in the 2 pack and the Pro series are the rubber dampeners and, optionally, the LEDs. The ML-RGB fans don't spin up quite as fast (so they are also quieter) but, to be honest, those ML-RGB fans will also do the job pretty well. Just to test this, I set my ML-120s to have a max speed of 1600 RPM and it still cooled just fine ... I lost perhaps 1C of cooling on the cooling compared to my previous curve.
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