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Default 9900X CPU temp vs H100i Coolant Temp

Just finished my PC Build for a workstation and I'm a bit confused as to the temperatures I'm seeing. I have a 9900X with a H100i cooling it. I'm seeing the coolant temps in iCUE range fro 32C (baseline) to as high as 42C for heavy workloads, but it's mostly around 38C for most cpu heavy work. The issue is that I'm seeing CPU temps as high as 78C and it'l hang there for a while. I'm not overclocking my CPU except for enabling XMP. I was thinking about OC a little bit to help with render times, but not until I better understand what I'm seeing here.

My Cpu temps have been around 36C at idle, and around 60C during rendering, but there are times when the temps spike in the high 70s for a while during heavy rendering. After seeing that, I've switched my Pump from Balanced to Extreme while the Cooler Fans have been using the Balanced Fan curve. That has kept the highest temps down to 74C, but the setting just seem way too high for a non overclocked CPU.

Are these normal temps that I'm seeing or is there something wrong? I feel that I'm being overly cautious, but I can't help it.

I've ordered a Commander Pro to centralize all the fan controls, but it'll be a few days before I can get it.

I set iCUE to launch on startup, but I still have to manually launch it for some reason. does it need to be actively open for the profiles to run properly?

CPU: Intel 9900X not overclocked
VCORE (VCPU in iCUE) doesn't move from .94V even though the graph moves around a lot, Vcore in HWiNFO64 peaked at 1.176V
Coolant temp peaked @ 42C, hangs around 39C for heavy loads and 32C for baseline.
Ambient Temps are around 24C
CPU Cooler is top mounted as intake (Push)
GPU is Nvidia 2080 ti Waterforce front mounted in push/pull
testing temperatures in HWiNFO64 sensor status and iCue (since the H100i sensor readings don't show up in HWiNFO)
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