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Default Corsair LINK Notifications: System Does Not Return to Normal Status

I have been able to set notifications for when a temp (CPU, GPU, etc.) goes beyond a specific level to trigger an alert, such as changing all the RGB lighting in the case to a specific color. For example, I set the Trigger all RGB LEDs to turn red when a temp threshold setting is met, and tested OK with several CPU and GPU benchmark apps. However, when the benchmarks are completed or closed, and the temps drop to idle number, the notification alert does not change. Only way to reset is to perform a manual "reset": go to the notification setting and move the temp up or down one degree (or more) and click Apply. Am I missing something, or is this something Corsair did by design or did not think through in terms of the UX? Essentially Corsair is saying a high temp notification is permanent until you manually reset the software.
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