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Default K95 RGB Platnium and Scimitar Pro RGB having problems!

K95 RGB Platnium Problems:

Pressing 1 Key (not numpad 1) also inputs 2
Pressing 2 Key (not numpad 2) also inputs 1

  • pressing 1 causes:
  • pressing 2 causes:
  • pressing ! causes (shift + 1):
  • pressing @ causes (shift + 2):

This is extremely annoying because I uses both buttons frequently!

Edit: more keys to add to the list:

Pressing F1 Key also inputs 1
Pressing F2 Key also inputs 2
Pressing F3 Key also inputs -
Pressing F4 Key also inputs *
Pressing F5 Key also inputs /
Pressing F6 Key also inputs 9
Pressing F7 Key also inputs 8
Pressing F8 Key also inputs 7
Pressing F9 Key also inputs 6
Pressing F10 Key also inputs 5
Pressing F11 Key also inputs 4


Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Problems:

Left Click rarely works.

*pressing "Left Click" once does not register
*must rapidly click in-order for "Left Click" to register once. (it is random, this can range anywhere from two to six plus clicks to get one registration)


Both problems started occurring today (12/4/2019) simultaneously on the same system start-up.

Please help!

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