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Originally Posted by jbaines72 View Post
I was curious as to why my video card drivers crash when I set my system memory to DDR2 1066. If I leave my memory settings in the BIOS set to auto (which makes them run at SPD settings of DDR2 800), everything runs fine. This only seems to happen when I play Call of Duty 4. If I set my memory to DDR2 1066, my computer boots, is stable, and everything works (such as web browsing, office software, etc.), but if I try and play the game, the catalyst drivers crash every time after about 5 minutes or so. Again, this is only at DDR2 1066, not DDR2 800, and it only seems to be 3D games.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Jeff Baines
Thank you for your answer. As far as drivers are concerned, I have the newest ones, BIOS also. This thread is very interesting for me since I saw similar problems with my computer (quoted above). I was searching for solution and 800Mhz setting for RAM solved my stability issues so far. Previously I experienced game and catalyst drivers crash during play. Problem occurred regardless of video driver version (as you mentioned). From my point of view it looks that there could be some kind of conflict between Radeon 4850 and Corsair memory. Now I would like to find root cause of that situation. Maybe I should simultaneously OC my graphic card; CPU and memory to the same frequency - do not know the answer so far, probably also do not understand all interactions between hardware I got.
I would expect that my RAM should operate on rated settings and not causing stability problems. Until now it works stable at 800Mhz. I am wondering if you could suggest me some solution which I could check/test.
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