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It will be pretty tedious for me to request sub menu pictures for all those so I can learn your BIOS. You've selected 1.32v as the target and since that is the voltage recommended in the MSI blog guide here, I suspect you found a decent source. I would follow their recommendations to start, check temps, and then you can begin to chip little bits off the 1.32 value to see if you can bring it down further. CPU voltage levels vary from chip to chip, so they need to be pretty conservative in a broad spectrum guide. I know people who run their 9900K@1.25v for 5GHz.

AVX offsets - I am of the opinion if you run programs with AVX, then your overclock should be able to handle that or don't clock that high. For that reason, along with unexpected programs using AVX instructions, I set mine to 0 and only clock as high as I am AVX stable. However, even if you don't fall in line with that philosophy, you want an AVX and non-AVX data point for temperature. You can certainly run Prime at 1.32 to see how much better things are, but I would also run the CPU-Z stress test (bench tab). Non-AVX, linear, relatively mild. This will test you at 5.0 vs 4.8 and with voltage to match. It is also a more realistic indicator of the temps you will see. The temp you see 1 second in is the max temp, except for additional rise to the coolant temp (+1 coolant temp = +1C CPU temp). I often use this test as a cooler check/assessment. I don't think there is need for that here, but it still helps people understand how it works. Either way, you don't need to run this for hours. 30 seconds will tell you if the voltage is too high or not. 10 min will be a decent cooler evaluation and show you your limits. And coolant temp creep should peak before the 10 minutes are up. is also usually a good source for motherboard specific advice and there is generally a thread for each board so you can help directly from other owners. Here is on for MSI Z390.
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