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Core VID and “Vcore” are two different things. The actual applied voltage (Vcore) is hiding in the motherboard section - bottom center column. It jumped to 1.36v and there is the problem. 1.35v is the absolute sane limit for a 9900 series. It has a different scale than the last several 8700/7700 CPUs and the whole curve is offset -0.10. Regardless, this is good news and means you didn’t do anything wrong on the install. However, you absolutely cannot “auto overclock” modern CPUs by raising frequency and letting the bios pick the voltage. You’ll need to make some manual changes.

There probably are detailed well planned overclocking guides for the 9900 series CPUs. My experience is on Asus board for the last several and the terminology is different. This is very BIOS specific.

1) You are going to want to set a Vcore in the 1.25-1.30v range. Currently you are at 1.36 on Auto. You can still use adaptive voltage, but it need to have a specified limit. The way this is done is specific to the manufacturer.

2) Most MBs have some type of "auto multi core overclock" system. This sets all cores to the turbo max frequency. That is fine and how most people want to overclock, but do this by setting all cores to 50 (multiplier) x 100 rather than using the multi-core enhancement or whatever MSI calls it. There are usually hidden parameters.

3) Several of the 390 series boards now have a VID or expected voltage modifying element. On asus this is described as "Best case scenario, normal, worst, etc". This effectively pads (or no pad) the voltage curve when under stress. In your current set up, the VID is 1.22 and yet the BIOS is delivering 1.36. That is classic worst case scenario and obviously way to much.

4) There may be other specific MSI settings. This is why an MSI specific guide is best, if you can find it.

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