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Default core i7 7700k overheating

hey y'all,

after years of chasing the illusive overheating of this chip, i finally found the real problem. it's not in your cooler, and it's not in your system. IT'S YOUR NVIDIA DRIVER. belive it or don't.

went through many coolers. tried even mounting the cooler right on the chip after 'de-lidding' it. never worked. it would soar into the high 90's evne 100 degree C when trying to mine.

after working all angles best i could, decided to upgrade to a new nvidia driver since i use those kinda cards to mine with. but had upgraded through the years with no change. but lastly a friend of mine showed me how to COMPLETELY eliminate nvidia driver files from my computer especially with the DDU program (free download). AND when u use it u must go into safe mode. when u get into safe mode and BEFORE using DDU delete all nvidia folders and files in the root &/or windows directories (Programs Files and Programs Files (x86) directories too). then use DDU and only install the driver and the physics driver. nix everything else. (use custom install in the nvidia program and do a clean install). always use the clean and reboot method in DDU so it will put u back into regular windows boot up.

did that and never had an overheating problem with my core i7 7700k again. even mining 6 of 8 threads never gets much more over 60 degrees C. GUARANTEED! nvidia drivers leave tons of old files behind and can really mess up your windows.

easy, peasy.

btw, my choice of cooler? Corsair Hv80i_v2 the FAT BOY!
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