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I think your Vcore is a bit high. Not surprising for auto overclocking where stability is prized over temperature efficiency. You can’t have software overclocking fail 30% of the time. There is no way for me to know exactly how much your cpu needs for 4.9 (or 5.0), but look at the Asus guide for Z270 below and any others you can find. 1.30 fixed is a good place to start or you can do Adaptive but MUST use those 0.01 IA/DC load line settings or you will hit the roof on any synthetic test.

The GTX/V2 cooler’s only have two pump speeds (Quiet/Extreme). The fans settings are just presets, not smart curves or something complex. Feel free to make your own curve but keep coolant temp as the control variable. Either way, pump speed is a 0-1C change and at fan speeds above 1000 rpm you won’t see a huge change either. These are small change variables. Voltage is the master control that rules over all the others.

The clock frequency jumping around on the desktop is also normal for Lake chips. The days of the cpu being physically sedated are gone and the clocks are over the place (Vcore too). However the power is cut at the cpu hardware level below monitoring tolerances and thus power consumption is more or less the same.

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