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Default How to mix LL120 and ML140 lighting in one lighting node? [solved]

So, I'm in a conundrum here. I have one LL120 and two ML140 but one lighting node pro and RGB hub. I bought a single pack LL120 a year ago for proof of concept about all this RGB trend. I'm not sold to RGB, it's just too distracting. However I do find physically showing the processor temperature is quite useful.

So the thing is my previous lighting node pro was a borrowed item and the owner requested it back, so I just bought an ML140 2 pack to specifically buy the lighting node... Now, I just know that I can't link the LL120 and ML140 on one channel. Is there anything I could do without buying an extra multi pack of Corsair's RGB fan?

The usage scenario is quite simple, the LL120 on exhaust displays temperature, while the front ML140 on intake as static lighting.

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