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c-attack put a lot of good things, I will add to it. This is a confusing and cool area of discussion.

Air flows is measuring the flow of the fan in an unobstructed area. The rule of thumb is use higher air flow for unobstructed areas like exhaust/intakes and use higher static pressure on radiators.

As mentioned prior, the blades can be optimized for air flow or static pressure. They both will generate airflow and static pressure to some extent. When it comes to static pressure RPM correlates directly to static pressure. The higher the RPM the static pressure will jump. This comes at the cost of noise.

It all comes down to what your use case is:

Radiator Support: HD-120 (Highest Static pressure of all the mentioned RGB fans)

Prettiest fans: HD-120 & LL-120

Magnetic Levitation: ML-120 (in theory should be quieter)

Best Deal: HD-120

Other Options: SP-120 RGB (you get less color controls and you only have 4 LEDs in the center hub)

The HD-120 are around ~25% cheaper than the LL-120, though you still need a lighting node pro, if you want to control the HD-120 via software, while the LL-120 comes with one. You do get 4x LED strips w/ magnets with the LNP, though you can also use the manual control or plug it into your motherboard with a little modding:

Even though I was able to get the HD-120 controlled via my motherboard, I ended up buying the Lighting Node Pro as I think iCUE, which replaces Link and CUE, is hands down the best RGB software out there. Just keep in mind the motherboard mod method requires that the motherboard has digital/addressable RGB strip support.
RGB 101 Video: General overview on RGB
Zotty's Corsair Guide: RGB FAQ and Sample Diagrams

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of Corsair all my opinions are my own.
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