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Originally Posted by larsiano View Post
Sometimes after a reboot a new GPU is added and the old icons stop updating. This might be due to some motherboard issue not directly related to Corsair hardware i will have to sort out at some time.
In older versions it was easy to hide and unhide a device with the help of an unhide option in the preferences. But in the latest version of Corsair Link Software I canít seem to find this function anymore leaving me without videocard information in the systems overview. Is there any logical way to get this back to what it was without having to reinstall the whole thing again? Or can anyone tell me were the button went?
This happens often with the software .. so often that I started to make copies of my profiles and when it happens I exit the software and overwrite the profiles with my copies and then start the program again and it seems to fix the issue ... until it decides to do it again. This will happen with my hard drives, video card and motherboard sensors. The only thing that ever seems to always "stay" on the system is my PSU from Corsair.

the "0 reading" devices are basically non-existent anymore so those, if you are remaking your profile, can be deleted and the ones that do actually have readings can be used instead. Once you have a good working profile set up .. my suggestion would be to make a copy of the working ones somewhere because this software does that often.

The profiles are located in the Corsair folder under C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Corsair. AppData is a hidden file so unless you have explorer set to show hidden files you will not see it by default.. You can click on the address bar in Windows Explorer and manually type it in or go to view/options (View tab) and click the radial "Show hidden files, folder, and drives"

If you have hidden a device and don't have a backup save of your profiles then the only way it seems now, is to shut down the program, delete the profiles in the Corsair folder and restart the program... then you of course will have to set everything up again. This time make a back up of the profiles .. so if anything gets screwy, which it will, you have a backup that you can use.


I have noticed that if you make a copy of a profile while the program is running it may not be the "full profile" so once you set everything up the way you want it ... if you have several profiles make sure you set them all the way you want them to be ... then shut down the program. Start it back up to make sure that your profiles are set right and still functioning. Shut down the program again and make the copies of the profiles (I would put them somewhere else tho you could keep them in the same folder as copies)

Now as for having to reinstall or if you update to the next version (at least it worked for me when I went from the previous version to 5695)... If you just copy the profiles in and start the program ... it will not work. I found that you have to create new profiles for each profile you had... but you don't have to bother setting anything up... just make the profiles in options making sure they are the exact same names as the ones you have saved. Once you have your profiles entered you can close the program and then copy the saved profiles and overwrite the "un-setup" ones you just created in the program. This is much less work if you made a lot of modifications to your labels.

If I misunderstood the issue ... and you need it to "find devices again". I would probably try what they suggest: Unplug the Corsair Link USB plug from your motherboard and reboot your system. Then re-attach the USB plug and reboot once more. This can force a re-detection.