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Originally Posted by CorsaOpel View Post
So you think that it's unbootable (it's still is without tweaking) with xmp because it can't hook up all the settings from the profile? Also it won't let you change timings when set to auto. I found out many am4 boards can't run odd timings so now using cl16 3200 manual settings given by calculator. So I believe this one is pretty solved

No I was just trying to point out ASRocks BIOS/UEFI is weird and it may let you set both profile options when it probably should enforce setting one or the other not both. Otherwise it's confusing and problematic.

It should still let you change timings regardless if your set to AUTO, XMP profile, or ASRock profile. (at least it did on my B450 and X470 at the time) Enter DRAM configuration and you should be able to see what it decided to use and you may override any particular timing manually.

I've never read of issues specifically between running odd or even timings.
I've run 15-17-17-39-55-1T no problem with my kit.

Anyway since your problem is solved great.
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