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Originally Posted by cxmachi View Post
I'm having the exact same problem with my new K70 Lux RGB. This is clearly a Corsair problem and not a Steam problem. One way to remedy this is to unplug the keyboard and it works just fine. It appears to be causing some sort of USB conflict. Really need Corsair to do something about this.
I don't see how you determine its a Corsair problem without a full analysis.

For example:

Its quite rampant and like I stated in a previous thread, all of these revolved around the same time Steam did an update to how they detect certain controllers (like the Sony Dualshocks).

CUE may or may not exasperate the problem, but the source of the issue isn't so easily identifiable because most users don't exhibit this issue. We will do what we can to investigate this but without seeing it for ourselves, we can't fix it. Someone mentioned a Steam engineer but has not provided a channel to me for communication to dig deeper.

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