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Originally Posted by rockyroad View Post
I just went through the effort of setting up a Strafe through an ATEN CS1784a KVM. In trying to find solutions for the issue of the keyboard not being detected, this thread came up as one of few hits addressing my search. I managed to get things working through trial and error, and thought I would share the experience.
As well as power being a possible issue, a larger issue is that of of emulation. KVMs use emulation which may or may not be compatible with the Strafe (or other gaming keyboards).
The USB 2.0 of my KVM is fine for connecting the Strafe (one connector to pass through, one connector to the keyboard port). However, without activating the units firmware mode and over riding emulation, the Strafe will not be recognized by the Corsair software (even though Windows recognizes it). Without recognition by the Corsair software, the Strafe won't function with emulation active (default for the KVM).
Once emulation is overridden, installation and use becomes straight forward.
Corsair CUE software, however, isn't the best at responding to the environment within a KVM system, and could really use some tuning.
Wow! This is handy! I'm looking to use a Strafe RGB with an ATEN CS1782A!

Are you able to clarify what the issues are with actually getting the keyboard to work? Did you have to plug a usb lead from the keyboard into the KVMs keyboard socket, and another one into another USB socket on the KVM too?

Also, are you able to explain how the keyboard works when flicking between different PCs? Do you have to run the associated software on all the PCs? And can you then have the keyboard display different colours depending which PC it's connected to (via the KVM)? eg: Flick to PC-A red keyboard, flick to PC-B blue keyboard?

And if a PC has multiple accounts/users? How does the software react to that? Do you need it setup on each account?

I had a flick through the KVM's manual about turning off emulation mode, and it implies some of the function keys etc will stop working on the keyboard?

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