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Unpackaged some more love from my friends over at Corsair! Thanks guys!

This will be my first time using Corsair fans. I'm excited about trying them. They definitely are good looking....

They also look as though they will be extremely mod friendly. Of course you have the plastic accent ring that pops on and off, ....and Corsair even provides three colors to play with. But these are also going to be very easy to paint since they come off so quickly.

And each corner has this grey rubber insert. Naturally it provides some vibration dampening, ...but they are also easily removable if you want to paint the frames. Another thing I didn't know about the that they pop on/off without any type of little clip that you need to keep track of. Much like the Noiseblocker Mulitframe fans I used in my last build...these blades come on and off easy...again making modding very easy. Can't wait!

He really wanted to be in the pictures and help.....

I asked him if he wanted to help gather all the extra accent rings for me. He was doing well....

....until everything fell apart again. He can't help but get into messes!

I felt bad for him, so I let him have a little bit of fun for awhile....

We both knew that Corsair fans were supposed to keep your computer chilly....but it was HIS idea to see how they fared keeping food in the freezer chilly also....

Mmmmmmm...think I'll finish off the Caramel Cookie Dough ice cream before the wife-y gets home.

I've got even more love from Corsair to show off, so stay tuned!
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