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Masher76 10-10-2019 08:51 PM

Ironclaw Wireless Button Reassignment
Hello all. So for the last few years I have been exclusively using the Glaive RGB Pro. I am on my second one now as I had to RMA my first one due to failure of the right click button. That was about a year ago and the replacement Corsair sent me worked great until a couple of days ago when the exact same problem with the right click button only registers a click about 20% of the time, and if you try to click and hold itís a hot mess. So onto my question.

I thought about picking up a 3rd Glaive but decided to go with the Ironclaw Wireless RGB Pro. I really like the additional buttons that it has. It arrived today and while setting it up I find that the 2 buttons that normally would be for DPI adjustments, a feature I never use, located right behind the scroll wheel have the functionality of changing my ICue profile. Then the two new buttons on the left side up near the front of the mouse are now the ones for adjusting the DPI. That design is a tough one for me to understand why it would be that way.

So my question is, can the 2 profile switching and 2 DPI adjustment buttons be remapped to another control that might actually be useful? I am hoping they can as they would be great for my gaming endeavors.

I will be watching for replies. Thank you In advance.

c-attack 10-11-2019 08:18 PM

Yes, all of the mouse buttons (save left click) are re-assignable through iCUE. DPI shift is fairly straightforward. Hit + to create a new action. Change macro to mouse button. DPI Up and Down are two separate choices. Most of other normal tasks are assigning these to other keys that correspond to specific game actions are easy as well.

The one trickier bit is if you want tom move the profile change button to another key. It can be done through the Profile Switching option under the action menu, but you will need to set up a specific series of profiles for switching and behaviors. This is good in some ways since you can create precise rotations vs the simply bumping one at a time down the list. However, it is a bit technical for when you first start using the program.

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