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lxnr-p 06-11-2018 08:14 AM

Set timer to switch profile on a K70
Hi everyone,

I just bought K70 LUX RGB. It is my first Corsair device, so I am quite a newbie using ICUE. I could set a profile with static colors on some keys, and I wanted to set a "standby state" using a timer and the switching profile action but I do not know how to use it.

I have two profile: one with static colors I want to have when I am using the keyboard and another one with light effects when I am not using it.
So, I would like to do something like that: if there is no key pressed in 5 min, the profile will change for the "standby profile" and if I press a key, the profile will change for the "awake profile".

I do not find that much thing on the internet, or it was with the old version of ICUE. It seems to be possible, but is it really? And if it is possible, can somebody help me, and explain to me how to do it :)?

Thank you for your help

lxnr-p 06-15-2018 04:31 PM

Please? :3

lxnr-p 02-11-2019 10:56 AM

Up please
I still did not find anything and anyone to help me. I tried a lot of thing but still nothing.

LLama71 02-11-2019 04:08 PM

I also support this. It's not hard to implement a light shutdown timer. Razer has this in Synapse.

Right now I assigned a profile with the lights off to my screensaver executable, but I would like a proper way to do this.

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