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Shamanlefthook 12-20-2018 06:08 AM

Corsair Wireless Voids RMA - I need an Adult! Send Help!
Hi Corsair Folks and Friends alike.

I am writing to ask for help on my RMA 823952 to accelerate the movement of what is going on. On my file I have spoken to 2-3 people and try to reach through customer service and support a number of times but to no avail. I am not mad, I am very confused as the one customer support person that helped me the most was online 'Vincent' we'll call him.

I explained to Vincent that I have already sent my unit Scan/Corsair returns office in Manchester via DHL this Monday from Scotland, Vincent has/had offered to try and get a unit from Ontario in Canada to me however when I called back for the progress of what's going on around 2 hours later, I found out that my unit would be coming from Amsterdam and I was also told there is no way to accelerate the process.

Can ANYONE help a brother out? I would like them back this weekend as I am working over the holidays and won't be home all the time for deliverys. Please? I wouldn't normally ask but it's worth a shot to see if I can get a new pair for Yule's Eve.

Shamanlefthook 12-20-2018 02:22 PM

**Update** DHL Delivery Scheduled and awaiting pick up ��

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