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Telling 08-03-2018 09:49 PM

iCUE still reporting high CPU/ high Temps even after CPU has stopped working
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Hey All,

Came across this strange behavior today and was wondering if anyone else had experienced it.

First though my setup

Commander Pro, H100i V2, 6x LL 120mm 2x ML Red LED

6 LL 120's are controlled via the Commander Pro. The 2 ML reds plug into the slitter on the H100i V2 and that is connected to the header on the Mobo that is set to full power.

The Issue

I was encoding video using handbrake, and due to this my CPU was maxed out hovering between 95%-100% as per task manager and the dashboard in iCUE. Due to the high CPU usage, my profile set my fans to all run on max.

The encode took about 2 hours and once it finished handbrake shutdown. Task manager updated and reported the correct CPU usage, however iCUE continued to read the load as 95% and the temps as high. This meant the fans still were spinning on max.

The only way to stop this was restarting the Corsair Service. Closing and reopening iCUE didn't make a difference, the temps/load still reported as high.

To continue testing I rebooted, checked the iCUE was reporting the correct Temps and load and than ran another super heavy handbrake encode, however this time of a very short clip. The encode took about 15 minutes, this time however iCUE reported the temps and load correctly after the encode finished.

Forone final test I rebooted and set up another heavy encode on a full length movie. After it finished iCUE once again got stuck on the high temps and CPU load after handbrake finished and closed.

It looks like the amount of time the readings are high has something to do with this issue.

Any other opinions, input or experience with this type of behavior is appreciated.



DevBiker 08-03-2018 10:26 PM

This is a known issue; it sometimes happen when the system has been under heavy load for some time. Restarting the service is the best thing to do.
However, a better mitigation is to set the temperatures to something other than CPU temp or usage. In fact, the best temperature to set your radiator fans to is the coolant temperature. You can actually write this to the firmware of the cooler as well. (take a look at the Cooler FAQ for a discussion on this).

The same is true with the Commander Pro ... use something other than CPU temperature. In fact, with a liquid cooled system, CPU temperature isn't appropriate - at all - for case fans. Case fans cool the inside of the case. You have temperature probes with the CoPro and ... they can measure the temperature of the inside of the case. And it'll run in the CoPro.

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