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m0ker 06-12-2018 09:07 AM

Stuttering Issues Ingame & Sugestion
Good Day
Since the last update from iCue I gain massive stuttering ingame while I move my mouse (M65 RGB Pro) around. As soon as I shut down iCue it all works fine:confused:.
I'm also having some issues with my Fan profiles: After each update from iCue they disappear and I need to create them again. Also thoes profiles are bound to one Commander Pro. Since i'm using two of them i have to always create them twice. Wouldn't it make sence to share thoes profiles across the hole iCue account?
Another issue I ran into is, that I control my D5 PWM Pumps with the Commander Pro. The only way to let them run at 100% (~4900 rpm) is with fixed % since the other options stops at 4000 Rpm.
And at last, is there any announcement about the launch date of the AX1600i implementation?

The issues below are more "nice to have" but the stuttering is extreme and i thought maybe someone here ran into a simular issue.

Best regards

c-attack 06-12-2018 11:34 AM

1) The fan profile stuff is a known issue, although I am unsure if there is a solid fix. Not really enough time on 3.3.103 yet to know, although at least 1 person has reported it on that version. If this is happening each and every time, try using the shape tool to create the curve (right corner of graph). You probably want the first one. Then adjust the points to your exact needs. Try to stick with landmark values, like 850, 1000, 1450, etc. Don't drag the points. Use the input box on the left. This was a constant issue the first 24 hours of 3.2.87, but after the above it solved both the forgetful nature and the frozen control issue. Its not clear if that was a coincidence or not, but it has never happened again.

2) Yes, the 4000 max speed and D5 pumps is a noted limitation. It has been discussed in relation to your exact situation. I am not holding out for a timely resolution. How much do you have going on in your loop? Are the twin Ti and 7980 all in the same flow? I guess that might necessitate higher speeds. My loop is short and direct, so I am fortunate enough to sit on 2000 with mine and be happy. 4000 vs 4900? Is it that sensitive to pressure drop?

3) AX1600i - Good question. I would think this would be imminent. Seems a bit embarrassing not to have your flagship model tied in with your overall product integration.

4) And the stuttering... there are so many things this could be. I was having issues as well when using iCUE + Afterburner in specific programs. Keyboard lag, mouse input lag. Drop Afterburner or iCUE and it appeared to go away. I was ready to tack the blame right there, but oddly no one else was reporting it. After a fresh install of Win 10 last week, its gone and everything is smoother than every with across the board improvements, even on things were prior slowdown was not apparent. Something was wrong at the OS level and iCUE was simply snowballing the problem. I know probably not what you want to hear, but if it was plainly and solely iCUE based, there would be a raging long thread about it. First thing I would do is back up your profiles (or copy the app data folder), uninstall the program, delete the saved settings, manually uninstall the driver from Device manager, reboot... then try again. Also, I assume we are talking about 3.3.103. If the stuttering just started with that, maybe go back to 3.2. There are several annoying lighting issues with 3.3, high CPU usage, and if you have the fan delete problem as well, might as well sit it out until 3.4 or someone demonstrates some improvements. Note, 3.3 profiles are not compatible with 3.2.

m0ker 06-12-2018 01:58 PM

Thanks for your answer.
Well my loops are kinda large within that case (3 Rad's, Monoblock and Ramblocks for the CPU part) and the flow restriction is kinda large. The hight of the case doesnt help eighter there. I do even plan to use a second pump in the upper part of the case to get more flow.
For the software, yea you're maybe right, i'll try to use the old version again even if i had more issues with the old lightning part.

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