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hardgore 08-07-2019 07:26 AM

how do i pick the correct mouse location for corsair mouses
only corsair mouses uses different location format that work way differently that i couldnt figure out with any other mouse locators
of course i sat the absolute mouse location but only corsair mouses work weirdly whenever i have more than 1 monitors
so i have no idea what numbers should i type it in
it just feels way unfinished beta product that i honestly tell my friends to avoid curseair..

xMacias 08-07-2019 01:11 PM

I'm assuming you're talking about using location for macros. In the settings it should have the option of Relative or Absolute. Relative will move your mouse the units according to where your mouse currently is, and absolute will move it to the same spot on your screen every time. You just need to find where you want to move the mouse.

hardgore 08-11-2019 01:40 PM

i'm assuming you only have one monitor but you will seek the answer when you have more than 1 monitors plugged on your computer.

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