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Gio2669 07-03-2018 01:47 PM

Corsair 570X Airflow
Hi, I'm new here. I have a question about Coraair 570x airflow. I love the case design. I'm one step away from making the upgrade. I currently have Phanteks evolv atx. Airflow is below average. I'm wondering how does 570x compare to evolv? My cpu is cooled by NZXT X42 AIO and GPU is air cooled. I can add an exhaust fan in the back of 570x. I appreciate all the input you guys can provide. Thanks

Alcasczar 07-05-2018 11:55 AM

I don't have experience with this case yet but from what I heard from other's I asked it's has excellent airflow. There are gaps between the tempered glass panels so there's plenty of intake air into the case for good cooling.

Greybeard 07-05-2018 12:14 PM

I'm currently using that case right now with an i7 7800X under H150i PRO. Load is around 76C

Here' a good read and probably a great point of reference

Zotty 07-05-2018 12:28 PM

Hi Buddy,,

IMHO... run the 570 as positive airflow. so... everything as intake aside from the rear exhaust fan. This Cuts down the dust and fluff massively as all incoming air is Filtered.. mount AIO in the front (unorthodox I know) its exhaust will get cooled by the incoming air from the top fans which keeps ram and Vrm in check. excess pressure escapes from gaps in case and around the glass... I personally run my 570x this way and have absolutely no temp issues

andrewmp6 07-10-2018 01:22 AM

Watch this

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