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Kialra 07-17-2016 05:40 AM

K65 RGB single keylight issue
Hey guys. I bought the K65 RGB a few months ago and it's been great thus far.

Recently however, I noticed the RGB backlight of the 'h' key hasn't been displaying correctly - it's fine with colours like green and blue, but with warmer colours that involve multiple lights (yellow/white) it'll have a green/blue tint.
I've only ever cleaned the keyboard through once with a light damp cloth, and I'd be surprised if that was enough to bust the light.

My current temporary fix is to tone down the green/blue in the colour settings for that individual key, and I can get it similar in tone to the rest of the keys.

Could this be some sort of firmware issue that I could fix with a refresh? Or does this sound like I've mucked the light up somehow, and would need to pay for a repair? Thanks.

Toasted 07-17-2016 05:45 AM

You can give a firmware reflash a go or a hard reset.

To reflash the firmware, force flash it via CUE.

To hard reset the keyboard, you will need to contact technical support.

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