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hastegag 05-25-2018 10:10 PM

suggested reset if you cannot pair suddenly
had problems wiht the k63 wireless recently. Not sure if it was related to the recent windows 1803 update, but happened suddenly. Using latest icue, the logs were laden with "slow startup" notices on the k63 wireless.

I tried everything, repairing install, uninstalling rebooting, reinstalling could not even force a firmware update.

Holding the escape key then plugging it in powered off and then releasing the escape key after five plus seconds made all the difference. I know that is the traditional reset method for KBs, but i wasnt sure it was going to fly for the k63

dunno what happened but it seems to be working now. Previously I couldn't pair and when i would turn on the K63 it would be a solid color
then it would go to the scatter and or visor effect and then back to solid.

Once reset default behavior ensued. Just figured i would share

Watergunz 01-23-2019 05:53 PM

Sorry if anyone gets offended by me necroing this post.

Thank you dude!

The directions above helped me!

Corsair K63

Hold the escape button for 5 seconds while the keyboard is "OFF"!!

Then proceed to plug in and let go

Flick the switch to on and your set!

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