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cayden1270 12-26-2018 05:33 PM

K55 Keyboard
My son got a K55 keyboard for Christmas and he would like to be able to modify the RGB lighting. He read online that you can download beta software so we tried downloading it but it will not open. He found the download on this link:

It only gives a few options of programs to open the program and none of them work: Word, Wordpad, internet explorer, paint etc.

Can anyone help out?

Thanks in advance!

Vonaducci 12-26-2018 06:01 PM

On the website, download the file titled "CORSAIR iCUE v3.10.125 (272 MB)". The file is a .msi file, so you don't need any application to open it. Once downloaded, you'll find the file in your downloads folder which should be located at C:\Users\(your username)\Downloads

Once you're there, double click on the file and go through the install process.

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