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Comet ☄ 04-07-2017 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by CoilWinder (Post 834196)
A couple of more wishes to the genies in the bottles :)
  • "Link profile to program" settings should also accept .scr (screensavers). If there is a way to do it, I haven't figured out how.

Rename SCR extension to EXE and schedule it to run when your computer is idle.

Comet ☄ 04-07-2017 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by MadIce (Post 812473)
I would like to have the CapsLock, ScrollLock and NumLock act as a true lock status indicator, much like WinLock.

One can fake that now by setting a light effect, but that way the "status" is lost during mode/profile switching.

Set up copies of your default profile called CapsLock, ScrollLock, NumLock, CapsScroll, ScrollNum, NumCaps, CapsScrollNum, and define the lock keys to switch between them, having the lock keys light up or not depending on whether the feature is enabled. You can retain original key output in CUE 2, so the "status" is not lost between switching.

Comet ☄ 04-07-2017 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by haz_mat (Post 793171)

--Toggle Indicator option for mute button to display mute on/off status
----Additional toggle indicators for Capslock, numlock, scroll lock - would be nice if each of those keys could change color to indicate state.

This is doable in CUE. Define the keys to switch profiles from default to Caps, Num, Scroll, CapsNum, NumScroll, ScrollCaps, CapsNumScroll profiles, where the profile switch retains original key output to maintain state and also have each profile light up the lock key as an indicator.

vhexs 04-10-2017 08:54 AM

A working Check For Updates button. ETA?

Finaldeath 04-10-2017 09:20 PM

Make all preset options available in advanced. There are a few things i would like to combine like void mic and playback visualization along with having things like caps and numlock color toggles and mic mute light, but when going into advanced to do the toggles i can no longer use the void mic and playback visualizations effects.

On top of making the void mic and playback visualizations available in advanced it would be cool to have more options with them like being able to set certain zones that the visualization effect happens. Possibly have better volume thresholds for the light effect so it doesn't flood the entire keyboard all the time. As well as an extra 1-2 color options to have more of a gradient for the visualization.
For example i would like void playback to span across from f1 to f12 depending on how loud the sound being played is and void mic to span 1 thru = depending on how loud i am talking.

Another cool option would be able to set keyboard colors based on void headset battery level. So say the headset has full battery it could light up 0-9 on the numpad but depending on the percentage of the battery it could turn one or more of those lights off like at 50% it would only light 0-5, at 9% and lower it would only light up 0. With this it could also have several color choices depending on the battery level so from 0 to 25% it could be red and 26-50% it could be orange, 51-75% yellow and 76-100% be green.

The battery levels lights would be very handy since the only way i know of to see battery level is in global options in cue, but having it right there on the keyboard would be great to know when i should plug the headset in.

Edit: More options for lighting start/stop conditions would be nice too, specifically numlock on/off and capslock on/off. Can currently do this by having the effect trigger when pressed and turn off when pressed again but it can get inverted easily like when using profile switches among other things. Other nice conditions to have are mic muted/unmuted and volume muted/unmuted.

Headset buttons being bindable to keyboard like mouse buttons can would be great as well. Things like EQ changer (both cycle and ability to individual EQ profile) and mic mute toggle.

Separate dpi modes for different profiles, i made a separate profile to disable all lights on all my devices when i press the brightness button on my Strafe but there is no way to have it turn off the dpi light on my Scimitar, i tried setting a second dpi mode that is the same but with a black light but when switching back to the profile with lighting on it stays on the same dpi mode on both profiles, i then tried disabling all dpi modes except the one with the light on my lights on profile then when i went to my lights off profile the dpi settings were the same on that one so i couldn't disable all but the black light dpi color setting making it seemingly impossible to do what i want to do which is simply toggle on/off ALL lights when i press the Strafe's led key. Only option i apparently have is have the dpi light always on, always off or have to manually change the dpi setting every night which makes going through the trouble of making a lights off profile and tying it to my keyboards lighting key pointless. None of the options we/I have are acceptable imo, so would either like the ability to have cue forcibly turn the dpi light off for a specific profile (and on for another) or have dpi settings completely separate between profiles.

Would also appreciate the ability to change the time it takes for the Void Headset to auto shutoff, 10 minutes is far too short so being able to set it at different times like say 30 minutes would be great.

Corsair James 04-12-2017 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by vhexs (Post 898760)
A working Check For Updates button. ETA?

Probably 2.14. We're re-doing the backend to support this so users who want to keep 1.X won't be upset that they're being forced to update.

CSchwarz 04-17-2017 08:45 PM

Macro Suggestion
I would like the "Offset Pointer To" macro step to have a "select point" option under Absolute. When you click on it, it would allow you to click on a point on the screen and that step would then move the mouse to that point on the screen when run.

Just to summarise:
CUE would let you click on a place on the screen to set the position.

cplifj 04-20-2017 12:09 AM

when under settings the two options , show only connected devices is checked ,
and use SDK is unchecked. In such case the Cue software should uninstall all virtual devices.

Critiko 04-23-2017 08:09 AM

Toggle Lights
- Allow you to press a key and having certain keys be lit.
- Toggle for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock.
- While holding down a key, certain keys are lit up (i.e. showing shortcuts, hold Ctrl lights up Z, X, C, V, A or hold down ALT lights up TAB, SHIFT).

It would be very nice for certain game profiles, when entering a menu the keys that are applicable in that menu are lit or get a different color. The option should have a 'while held' option and 'on released' option. That way you can light the keys up while holding down the designated key and they stay lit until you release the key, on which you can have a smooth gradient smother the light.

- Apply average color on screen to keyboard.
- Apply color on screen to keyboard as some kind of image.
- Read Monitor, foreground application, specific application, region.
- Saturation options, so lighter shades of red displayed on the screen still apply a full red light on the keyboard.
- Fullscreen DirectX support?

I know there's a third party SDK that can do this with Corsair, but it doesn't support the brightness and window lock keys. So would be nice to have it.

Memag 04-24-2017 10:54 PM

For (fps) mouse-

Ability to make custom mouse acceleration curve.
Not just a button which enables windows enhanced mouse pointer,
but more control over mouse behavior/acceleration (for those using it).

Povohat made this awesome driver/gui and it apparently works wonders with acceleration curve.

Here is what it does, and it would be great if corsair added this to CUE software.
I don't know if any mouse manufacturer offers this in their drivers, but it could be beneficial.


daemon9 04-25-2017 10:23 AM

A great feature would be...
I'd like to a no-crash feature. You know, where CUE doesn't constantly crash making you restart it so your macros and LED profiles work again? Yeah, that would be a cool feature.

Hedgy 04-26-2017 05:59 PM

Just got a Corsair K95 platinum and MM800

Features I wish for (or couldn't figure out):
- Rainbow wave but with own specified colors/gradient.
- "Linked layer", linking a layer to multiple devices, I was able to get the ripple effect shared by both devices, but on advanced modus I'd like to be able to share a single layer between devices, and still have their own layers under/above it.
- Music visualizer, when watching youtube videos before my purchased I saw so many I thought it was with the corsair software, but it seems to be a different program... I'd like to see it in CUE!
- "Type lightning" layer at advanced mode

- hold multiple keys and release when you release the macro key, I currently have one macro key set to windows key + ctrl for multi desktop usage, using that key I could press D for a new desktop, left/right to switch desktop or f4 to close it.
For now I've added a delay before the macro will call the release key functions so I have time to press one of the other keys. But I'd rather have a "wait for key up" event or something like that instead of a timer. Having "remap key" support several keys at once may work too.
- Ability to auto press keys or add delays after an "open application" action. For example, first open your music player, have a delay, then press media play/pause button so the music will play.

terabyte 04-27-2017 10:57 AM


- Music visualizer, when watching youtube videos before my purchased I saw so many I thought it was with the corsair software, but it seems to be a different program... I'd like to see it in CUE!
The visualizer works only if you are using a Corsair headset (like the VOID) as audio output.

hermyt 04-29-2017 11:32 AM

Re-add Macro Recording Options to CUE 2
Re-adding the macro recording options to CUE 2 is a make or break feature for me.

I have reinstalled cue 2 a few times only to remove it once I see this feature is still missing and revert back to 1.16.42.

Quick macro's are a big utility feature for me and without the option to record them without delays they are useless as the features I use them for most are file and utility functions. Having to open up the cue software every time I record a quick macro to clear out the delays is unnecessarily cumbersome given that this option exists in earlier versions of the software.

I would suggest that macro recording delays by default on CUE 2+ should be missing delays as an alternative. Any speed savings granted by using a macro are eliminated if you record all delays along with the entry process. Delays are only necessary to accommodate processing requirements that might occur during the execution of the delay and that is best managed manually by tweaking delay times (which still requires opening CUE software and editing the delays).

As it stands now quick macro recording seems to be useless with cue 2.

dusia 05-01-2017 07:42 AM


what I am missing most in new CUE is ability to hold one macro button continuously and pres other buttons then macro i was holding key down resumes.

pres and hold macro1 button down ( macro made to spam key continuously )
pres any other button ( macro1 will be interrupted and the button you pressed will be pressed )
macro 1 will not resume and you will need to press it again

pres and hold macro1 button down ( macro made to spam key continuously )
pres any other button ( macro1 will be interrupted and the button you pressed will be pressed )
macro 1 will resume

I am missing option "allow interruption and then resume"

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