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KDKprod 09-01-2018 10:52 AM

Fan issue since ICUE update 3.6.109
First of all, this is my first post here and I want to apologise If I make any mistake.

I have a H100i v2 cooling system, and it has been working perfectly with Corsair Link 4 Software. Also, I own a K65 lux RGB keyboard working with Corsair Utility Engine 2 Software.

The problem comes when I updated Corsair Utility 2 to ICUE 3.6.109. When starting the program, the H100i v2 fans speed up to 2700 rpm and the temperature starts rising, it doesnt matter wich profile I click or If I'm using a curve. Even If I close ICUE, without using any other program nor app, the fans keep spining at 2700 rpm until I shut down the computer. If I start the computer without running ICUE, the cooling system works perfectly speeding up the fans when needed, but obviously, I can't use the keyboard features such as lights.

I tried re-installing the program, deleting all profiles but it hasn't worked.

I dont know If it has anything to do with this but, inside ICUE, in the settings tab, shows this message: "H100i v2 has not been configured", even though It shows the temperature and the rpm of the pump and the fans.

I dont know what I can do, I hope you all can help me solving this problem.

Thank you very much. :biggrin:

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