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oldmanjk 09-19-2019 02:22 PM

AX1200i problem
I submitted a help request. My ticket number is (2000847214)


Shuts off at random, using less than 300 watts. Red light. Unplug and wait for however long. Sometimes it turns back on but it keeps happening at random
Response from Francois N:


This unit will have to be replaced.

Thank you for attaching a copy of the invoice. Were sorry to inform you the unit itself has a <1-year> warranty that would have expired <27 November 2018>. We apologize but we also do not have any kind of repair service available.


Thank you for choosing Corsair.

oldmanjk 09-19-2019 06:38 PM

I'm probably going to order a new power supply tonight. If I get a good solution from Corsair before then, I'll probably buy an AX1600i. If not, I'll probably buy an EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2. I'd like to buy the Corsair, but I feel I was scammed

Corsair Notepad 09-19-2019 07:44 PM

I looked into this and you did indeed purchase a refurbished unit. Our refurbished power supplies only have a one year warranty so your warranty did expire last November.

oldmanjk 09-25-2019 04:20 PM

Corsair is not offering a replacement or an incentive/discount, repair - basically nothing

The PSU was well cared for and not user error. Now I know the warranty is only for a year (that's unfortunate to begin with) but surely a PSU should last more than a year and months

Does anyone have any advice because surely there's something I can do? I'd love to have something to present an argument with opposed to just pleading hoping they'd help me out

This sort of answer, in my book, is terrible customer service. Just a little stuck and could use some opinions

Thanks so much

Corsair Notepad 09-25-2019 07:33 PM

The only recommendation I can make to avoid this sort of problem in the future would be to purchase a brand new power supply instead of refurbished. That way you get the full product warranty instead of just a year. Products are bound to fail which is the point of a warranty. But when you purchase refurbished products you are doing so knowing that there is always a limited warranty compared to brand new and that they are also more likely to fail sooner.

oldmanjk 09-25-2019 11:32 PM


they are also more likely to fail sooner
Then the following is false advertising:


Corsair Certified Refurbished products start with demo units, open box items, and customer swaps. They go through our stringent refurbishment process and are 100% tested to meet the performance specifications of brand new products. Some returned products have not been used at all, but only the packaging of the box was altered. 100% of returned products go through Corsair's stringent refurbished process and are fully tested.

The device works like new.
This is terrible customer service IMO. There has to be some way of Corsair dealing with this apart from disposing of a $400 PSU. Do they think this is some kind of throw away PSU for that kind of $$ ?! Madness. I dunno's stuff like this that makes me say my AX1200i may just be my last Corsair PSU. Love the PSU's (other than the AX1200i) and have been a customer for more than a decade... but if Corsair act like this...they are going to lose customers

Vegan 09-28-2019 03:03 PM

I have had my own fair share of hardware go down the crapper. 196.75 was expensive.

since then I have standardized on 850W or bigger power supplies mostly as I have using a lot of very high-end cards at times and I wanted to be sure the card had all it wanted

Red light on the PSU is communications active

oldmanjk 09-28-2019 03:57 PM

I have the AX1200i, not the HX1000i

According to your link,

The HX1000i shows red almost constantly which simply means the Corsair Link software is communicating with the PSU
According to the AXi series manual (AX1200i, AX860i, and AX760i),

If the button lights up red or does not light up at all, please contact Corsair
customer service for further technical support
Basically, for the AXi series (the models previously referenced), if doing a self-test shows a red light or no lights at all will indicate a faulty PSU

Your link contains other relevant information about the AX860i. I believe, based on my experience and many user reports, this information also applies to the AX1200i



The AX860i had a problem shutting the machine down randomly. It's not clear what the problem is but many users reported this fault...Corsair sent the HX1000i as a replacement.

The AX860i sometimes would not even POST after a fault. Sometimes after a period of time it would allow the machine to reboot.
Exact same problem I'm having


Using the Link software and a custom fan profile stabilized the AX860i. This is unusual behavior which need clarification. With the custom fan the shutdown problem was eliminated.
Again, exactly the same. Unfortunately, my PSU is being used in a computer running Linux and Corsair doesn't let you set a custom fan profile in Linux. I tried hooking the PSU up to my Windows PC to set a custom fan profile, which worked and fixed the problem. Unfortunately, Corsair doesn't save your settings to the PSU, so once you remove the PSU from the Windows PC, your settings are lost



The zero fan may make the unit quiet but the heat does not do the hardware any favors. Here the desired for long service life outweighs the noise of a fan. A fan at low RPM is not very noticeable. Inside a PC the fan noise is muffled by the panels.

Enabling the fan on the HX1000i reduced the temperature by 30C which is stupendous. This can result in much more service life. The warranty is all fine and dandy but an RMA is very expensive both parties so the custom fan at low RPM is hard to notice and it does wonders for the cooling.
Corsair knows this is a faulty design but continues to sell these units, in bad faith, without informing potential buyers

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