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Nebbo 09-05-2015 06:06 AM

K70 RGB [brown] - Red LED on a switch wont go past 33% brightness
Today I noticed that the 'right arrow' key on my K70 RGB [brown] was dimmer than the rest (I currently have all my keys red backlit), when changed to colours that have a red component it shows up as the wrong colour (as it is not getting the % of red it requires).

Green LED works fine.
Blue LED works fine.
Red LED won't go past 33% brightness.

I have tried:
- Plugging keyboard into a different PC.
- Deleting all profiles and making one from scratch.

Here's a video of the issue, the key is set to white (r: 255 g: 255 b: 255) and you can clearly see that it is displaying cyan as the red LED isn't as bright as it is supposed to be:

Here's an image showing how much dimmer it is than what it is supposed to be:

Is there anything else I can try? The software and firmware are up to date and the website doesn't offer any previous firmware versions to download for troubleshooting purposes. It is plugged into USB3 and connecting the auxiliary power USB does not change anything.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? Was there a solution other than RMA?

Greybeard 09-09-2015 04:07 AM

I would suggest that you contact our Tech support, as they can walk you through resetting your KB's memory bank.

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