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DevBiker 12-28-2018 01:30 AM


Originally Posted by CTOverton (Post 987297)
Don't know if you are still on this subject four years later but I was wondering if you have any idea if this could work with the Corsair Lighting-Node-PRO? This being becuase you said the LED strips standards are



The NZXT LEDs that come with the H700i case are four pin, but the Lighting Node Pro is only a three pin.

As well however, the LL120mm and LL140MM come with the "RGB Lighting Hub" to connect the fan LEDs and these are 4pin.

So... could you connect to either or these and how so?

You seem to be skipping over the most recent discussion.
First, your "standard" is Analog RGB. Forget that. Corsair uses 5V Addressable RGB. Completely different protocol.

The 4 pins for the fan allow them to have a Data Out (to fan) and a Data In (from fan). This allows the fans to be daisy-chained (via the RGB Fan Hub) while still providing fully addressable LEDs.

As for the NZXT fans ... no idea. I've never seen them or their connectors.

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