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Blobfish 04-19-2019 04:02 AM

Setup Rm750x to 2080ti lightning z (x3 8pin)
Hi, hopefully a quick one, I just want to make sure i’m Not going to blow any components.

The lightning z has x3 6+2 pin PCIe inputs. My current modular setup on my psu has the mobo power setup the 4+4 cpu connector in the set place and the pcie cable connected next to it.

The pcie cable only has x2 6+2 pin PCIe connectors to connect to the gpu

I have another x2 6+2 pin cable from a different psu. I’m just not sure if it’s safe to connect. It fits in an unlabelled 8 pin socket so I think it should be fine. I just want to be doubly sure.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Blobfish 04-19-2019 04:44 AM

It’s the 2018 version see link. Looks like the pcie is currently connected in one of the cpu sockets. So it seems like I’ll be fine using the 2 8 pin sockets to the left of the two cpu 8 pin sockets.

However, I’m still looking for an answer to whether it’s ok to use a pcie cable from a different psu?

Corsair Notepad 04-19-2019 01:04 PM

The 8pin connectors on the PSU end are for both CPU EPS cables and PCIe cables. You should be fine connecting your graphics card with 2 PCIe cables but I would also recommend you make sure you are meeting the minimum wattage requirements of your graphics card. As for using cables from a different PSU we would not recommend mixing cables between PSUs because you risk that cable not being the appropriate pinout and damaging your components.

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