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inkydink 02-03-2020 01:54 PM

Corsair One Pro Fans in bios
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Hi. I recently got a Corsair one Pro (Intel i7-7700K,GTX 1080) and it overheated during stress test (75-80 degrees). When I entered bios to reset it, I noticed in bios that only one fan was on. The other fan does not spin (0 RPM). I tried to change the temperature curves to see if I can get it to turn on but it does not. The 'CPU Fan' spins at around 4300RPM, but the 'System Fan' is not spinning or 0 RPM.
I was wondering if this is normal and the Video Card is broken or if there is something preventing the fan from turning on. I'm assuming that 'System Fan' is the fan mounted on the Video Card?
Please let me know if anyone has any info on the two fans in the system and how to check if they are working

zguy85 02-04-2020 11:54 AM

Do you have updated Corsair Link V installed? Is your C1 new or used? What overheated the CPU or GPU?

inkydink 02-04-2020 03:32 PM

Hi. Thanks for responding. I could only install Corsair Link since the download of the other versions were for other Corsair one's and they refused to install. I purchased it used. I think its the Video Card as the Video Card is overheating up to 75 Degrees. I know the pumps and the fan(s?) are increasing in speed but the temperature still overheats. I will try to get another video card to replace it.
I did try to remove the video card. Do you know how to remove it? I managed to disconnect everything but the card would only pivot. Does this mean I need to remove the motherboard to unscrew something from the Motherboard side? I'll post a new question in the forums but I wanted to see if you knew how to remove it.
If there's any other possible reason for the video card to overheat, please let me know. I do perform stress test but instead of aborting or decreasing performance, the video card just goes to over 75 degrees and the system freezes and restarts. I thought computers had some protection against that.
Thanks again.

zguy85 02-04-2020 05:30 PM

U should have I got the same setup 7700k with 1080gtx, I would get it asap.

Freddyp411 02-08-2020 10:14 PM

FYI if this is for your GPU I contacted corsair because I noticed the same thing. and they said it was made that way for the liquid cooling. ( the one fan not spinning) atleast for the 2080 ti. I am not impressed with the overall cooling of the system and its quite upsetting

zguy85 02-11-2020 02:44 AM

Reposition the cooler to the GPU and clean/repaste. Let us know your results. If you need instruction or recommendations just ask =).

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