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Wired 08-24-2009 09:07 PM

Memory Part Number Breakdown
Here's a quick breakdown of how to decipher the new memory part numbers.

Your memory kit uses this notation if they start with CM and then are preceded by a letter. If a number comes after it, then it's a single module using the old notation.

Ok, here's how to break it down using this actual part number as an example: CMD8GX3M4A1600C8. Note that CM simply means Corsair Memory, so we'll skip that part.

Code (1..2) #G X# M# (1..2)
Part #
8G X3 M4
1600 C8

(1..2) means that one or two characters will appear here
# means that a number will appear here

Here's what each section of the part number means:

Code Meaning
(1..2) Module Type
#G Total Part Number Density
X# Memory Tech (DDR1 / DDR2 / DDR3 / DDR4)
M# Module Quantity (Number of Modules)
(1..2) Revision
# Speed (MHz)
C# CAS Latency

So, applying this to the example gets us:

Part # Meaning
D Dominator
8G Kit contains 8 GB of memory
M4 4 Modules in the kit
A Revision A
1600 1600 MHz
C8 CAS Latency 8

8 GB / 4 Modules = 2 GB per module

In the next post you'll find a more comprehensive breakdown of each section of a memory part number and what they mean.

Wired 08-24-2009 09:07 PM

Here's the meaning of each section in a bit more detail:

(1..2) Module Type
C XMS classic (old) heat spreader
X XMS classic (new) heat spreader
Z Vengeance series
L Vengeance Low Profile
D Dominator or Platinum
K Vengeance LPX
P D but with something added
G GT with Airflow II
GS GT single module
T G but with something added
R Retail (not DDR4) / Vengeance RGB (DDR4 only)
E Non-Registered ECC
S Registered ECC
SX SoDIMM Vengeance
V Value Select (or equivalent)
Y Vengeance Pro

#G Total Part Number Density
1G 1 GB
2G 2 GB
3G 3 GB
4G 4 GB
6G 6 GB
8G 8 GB
12G 12 GB
24G 24 GB
32G 32 GB
64G 64 GB

X# Memory Tech

M# # of Modules
M1 1 Module Kit
M2 2 Module Kit
M3 3 Module Kit
M4 4 Module Kit
M6 6 Module Kit
M8 8 Module Kit

# Speed
800 800 MHz
1066 1066 MHz
1333 1333 MHz
1600 1600 MHz
1866 1866 MHz
2000 2000 MHz
2133 2133 MHz
2200 2200 MHz
2400 2400 MHz
2666 2666 MHz
2800 2800 MHz
2933 2933 MHz
3000 3000 MHz
3100 3100 MHz
3200 3200 MHz
3300 3300 MHz

C# CAS Latency
C1 CL1
C2 CL2
C3 CL3
C4 CL4
C5 CL5
C6 CL6
C7 CL7
C8 CL8
C9 CL9
C10 CL10
C11 CL11
C12 CL12
C13 CL13
C14 CL14
C15 CL15
C16 CL16

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