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captainsavos 12-09-2019 08:18 AM

Here is how I fixed it
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Hi all,

I assembled myself a new top system and was having some serious issues with the RGB software from Gigabyte (poor software by the way) conflicting with Corsairs iCUE.
I assembled a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Extreme, Gigabyte Aorus RTX2080 TI Extreme and White Vengeance Pro RGB ram together.
It works well but the software conflict made RGB life a living hell.
Both the software from Gigabyte as the software from iCUE recognized the ram.
Therefor it first took Gigabytes RGB approach to the ram before iCUE. Meaning it messed up the settings from iCUE. So every reboot I had to go into iCUE and reset the RAM lighting. Gigabyte constantly made just 1 led on the vengeance light up in a strange artifacting color.

This is how I fixed it:

I used the Gigabyte Fusion software to set everything to static white.
The Motherboard (all)
The GPU (all)
And the RAM (all)

Then I used iCUE to set the following to red static.
The H150i Pro
The Vengeance RGB PRO

Then I used iCUE to set the following to white static.
8 x LL120 RGB fans

What I also did and this is an important step:
- Set hardware lighting in iCUE to white for the LL120RGB fans and for the H150i Pro
- Checkmarked 'software control' for the RAM in iCUE

Removed the following Gigabyte software services:
EasyTuneEngineService and GService
Uninstall RGB fusion, reboot system, and reinstall rgb fusion

When I now boot, it boots completely white without the pump header which boots in red and the ram which rgb's are off. And after I login to my user account from windows it automatically switches RAM to RED. No more glitching LED's because of gigabyte's BS software.

If you have questions or you can't handle the ****load, just send me a message. I hope this post helps someone out there in the RGB mystic world.


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