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K-Reaper 06-16-2018 06:09 AM

Combination of RGB Issues
Hi All,

First post don't be too harsh :)

So as titled, I have a combination of issues since using Corsair RGB Fans with the Lighting Node Pro(LNP).
So I have the Crystal 570X case that already comes with a LNP and 3 ML LED fans which I have replaced for ML120 PRO RGB and plugged into the LNP based on position(1,2,3). I have then put one of the ML LED on the exhaust and plugged it into 4 on the LNP. The ML120 PRO RGB are plugged into the motherboard PWM headers.

Enough with explanation, The issues I have are:
Rear Exhaust LED fan will not light up whatsoever
LNP will engage a plethora of times but if it doesn't boot once, it wont boot the LNP again until I unplug the USB Header and plug it back in after. So the fans work but won't light up due to the LNP not being detected, I can't even find it in the ICUE software.

I've tried different USB Powering settings in the BIOS and also tried force firmware update on iCUE but it was already at latest firmware.

VERY SORRY for long post but I've never encountered such a silly issue and I needed to explain it as best I could!


DevBiker 06-16-2018 12:29 PM

If the NoPro is detected, does the rear exhaust light up?

Have you made sure that you have the lighting channel configured properly? The default is a single strip ... which will light up 2 1/2 ML-RGB fans.

Also, have you looked into disabling Windows Fast Startup? See

c-attack 06-16-2018 03:25 PM

Corsair is not overly creative with their naming schemes and subtle shifts in language often indicate a product with vastly different characteristics.

A ML120 Pro LED is a single color fan (red, blue, or white) and it cannot connect to a LNP. It only has a single 4 pin plug for power and constant lighting that would go to the motherboard fan connectors. This different from the ML-RGB that operates at a lower speed and with full color capabilities.

The 570x does not come with ML-RGB fans unless you bought it from a system builder who changed it. It does come with 3 SP120-RGB fans that look like ML-RGB at first glance. However, they are 3 pin DC fans with 1 power and 1 lighting wire.

If the rear fan is actually a SP120-RGB, this may explain the issue. You cannot combine different RGB fan types on the same 6 port lighting hub. Different sizes are OK, but you can’t combine SP/ML/HD/LL on the same hub.

K-Reaper 06-19-2018 12:50 PM

Ah my mistake, it appears you are correct and the exhaust is actually a SP120. I'm not too bothered about the rear lighting up as i'll probably swap it out for an ML120 at some point. The issue i'm more concerned about is the intermittent powering of the LNP, I've just unplugged the USB header for the LNP and then booted up the PC with it unplugged and the fans light up but obviously i'll have no control over the fans without it being plugged in.
I turned off the system again to plug the header back in and its fine, but it will only be for a matter of days before it doesn't power again :D

K-Reaper 07-29-2018 05:16 PM

Still having same issue, I unplugged the SP120 from the LNP but still having the issue, Computer booted 3 times where they lighted up and the LNP was detected in iCUE but on the 4th day, booting the PC they did not light up and it hasn't been detected. If I boot the PC without the LNP plugged into the USB_Header the lights will come on but it wont be configurable(obviously). I then reboot the PC with it plugged back in and it will then detect for a few days or boot cycles.

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