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jbarker4682 11-04-2019 11:43 PM

Finally got it working!
So, after 20 days of delays, trial and error, tears and hair pulling, I FINALLY got my new PC quasi-finished... Still waiting on the LED Hub so I can get the fans to light-up and do final cable-management clean-up, but other than that, things are looking good...

What does everyone think?

newfiend 11-05-2019 12:06 AM

Looks nice man.. That case reminds me of the old street bikes from the 1980's like the Kawasaki Ninja's etc.. I like it though.. nice work. I'm starting my own water cooling build soon. I'm Half nervous/Half excited. Nice work on your build. Post more pictures when she's all finished. =)

Zotty 11-05-2019 03:59 AM

looking good matey :)

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