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stupidmacuser 08-08-2019 09:29 PM

HS70 Wireless Headset on my Mac

I'm sure this is somewhere here, the lack of search features makes it hard to find I went through 20 pages before I gave up.

I'm wanting to buy a headset, preferably the HS70 Wireless Headset, I cannot use cabled because the location of my laptop is too far away as I use external monitors, and I've gone through 3 sets in 1 year of the cabled and the cable breaks because I take them to work and they're clearly not designed for this.

Can I use the HS70 with my mac? I want 7.1, and the Microphone to work.

I'm happy to use dodgy software for it to work, I'm already using CKB for my keyboard and mouse to work. Which I think now Corsair has a tool for but it works so no use changing.

Thanks in advanced! :headbang2

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