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maddaFreak 03-17-2018 07:19 AM

If you think your grafics card is broken ...
Hi there,

is there a possibility to get injury award from corsair for this?

Story behind this ... my weekend started with an update of CUE ... and like everytime, something is not working any longer, this time my macros don't do anything ... ok ... i didn't want to be bothered any longer, so monday my new keyboard will arrive, you can think about, it will never be a corsair again!


Next to this, my computer did strange graphical issues, first in games, than in windows ... everywhere i got colored stripes, programms crashed, the whole computer restarted without any kind of feedback.
So i was rly terrified about my graphics card, i didn't want to buy a new one because of cryptomining the pricings are far away from normal and i tried out different stresstests, benchmarks and software issues. By the way, every memory stresstest was passed without problems, but the graphics benchmark everytime stopped with no specified errors.

Today, rly depressed about thinking i would need a new graphics card i thought about ... "hey ... what about the CUE update?" ... so i deinstalled it and TADAA ... everything is back to normal.

I rly don't know what is the problem behind this, but i read about different things like usb drivers, osd errors and so on. So your latest cue update seems to be one of your worst, when it is able to crash computers like mine.

Hope some people with same issues will find this post, so they can deinstall cue for getting crash free computers.


mayberts 03-17-2018 09:18 AM

What version of CUE were you using? Have you re-installed CUE to see if the problems return?

maddaFreak 03-17-2018 09:31 AM

i used the latest, at this point it was the 2.24.35

i had so much issues with this software, that i'm no longer interested in using this.
Monday i'm going to switch keyboards and end this horror.
To answer your question, no i didn't tried to reinstall it.

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