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Woji 08-19-2019 04:21 AM

Keyboard lagging issue in specific games
So I have come across this weird issue around 2-3 days ago. When I play games such as Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, CSGO, the keyboard works just fine. But when I started playing Wolfenstein: Youngblood, it started to "lag". The RGB on my keyboard would start to stutter and the input (for example walking forward and then starting to walk left) would take so long to register or overall that action would get stuck and I would have to mash multiple keys to get it to "unstick". What I have tried:

Soft Resetting the keyboard


Nvidia Inspector - Frame Limiting

iCUE software completely turned off via Task Manager

Complete re-install of iCUE

Making sure that the keyboard has the latest Firmware

Different BIOS setting (moving the key at the back of the keyboard to different settings)

Cleaning out the keyboard, i.e taking out all the key caps and cleaning all the gabs to make sure there is no dirt / obstruction that could be messing up the keys.

I also followed these:

I am not sure what to do anymore, this same problem existed in Rainbow Six Siege once but it just fixed it self.


I5 7600K
RTX 2070 Super
Asrock gaming K4 Z270 Motherboard
16Gb (8 x 2) 3000Mhz RAM
128Gb SSD + 500Gb SSD

Please help, I really like this keyboard and I don't want to upgrade from it.

Edit2: Upon further testing, playing at lower frame rates helps, however, having only a 144Hz monitor and playing at 60FPS is not a good combination. The keyboard works better (In wolfenstein Youngblood) at 60fps than it does at 144fps for some reason, i constantly kept capping the frames to these 2 values over and over to see if this is actually true and this is actually happening. My keyboard works better when I have less frames for whatever reason.

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