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RGambit 08-16-2018 04:27 PM

RGB fans LL120 gone bad?
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Hi guys,
I am looking for some advise regarding my new LL120 RGB fans.
I am not sure if it is relevant but they are both replacing my Hidro100i v2 stock fans. Both are connected to the commander pro for power and to the LED hub for "color".
- The fan on the top left is plugged into LED 1 (of hub) and fan on top right to the LED 2 - this shows that fan 1 is working but still awkward color. There is a section that is still blue with the marquee effect in red. Is this fan bad?
- The fan on top right is plugged into LED 2 and is not working at all. If I switch to LED 1 still shows same behavior (spot blue light - no effects).

picture of the fans (also attached):

If I swap their location in the hub none works (both present the blue spot light-no effects)

Am I so unlucky and got both fans broken?

Thank you all

DevBiker 08-16-2018 10:28 PM

What happens if you set both fans to be a completely solid color (say, green, for example)?

Can you show us the profile setup screen for the lighting effects?

RGambit 08-17-2018 12:23 PM

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Hi DevBiker I was hoping you would reply :)

Before anything else: I got today the LL140 RGB which is plugged in LED1 instead of LL!120 (1) but not attached to the case just for testing.
picture: LL140 - working perfectly (unfortunately don't have more fans to change positioning - this one will have to remain number 1 in the hub otherwise doesn't even work. tried swap to LED 2 or 3 with the LL120 before and doesn't even light up.)

Color and fan scheme setup: pictures attached

Result from that test:
- picture 2 - (LED1-LL140 not shown) + LED 2 (LL120 LED1 from last post) + LED 3 (LL120 LED2 from last post) - basically the fans moved forward to give space to the new LL140.
- picture 3 - (LED1-LL140 not shown) + swap LED2 with LED3 - both display the same blue dot light again. The fan number 2 from original post seems to be definitely busted.

It seems to me that either a problem with the LED hub from position 2 or both fans are gone. Since I don't have any other fans working other than the LL140 i guess I'll never know 100% except if i return everything?

hope is not very confusing. if it is I can try make it clearer

Corsair Jam 08-20-2018 06:15 PM

Hi RGambit!
I wanted to see if you could test something. Could you possibly unhook all the LL fans and only hook up 1 fan at a time on the RGB Hub to see if the LEDs will work correctly?

RGambit 08-20-2018 07:26 PM

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Hey, thank you all for trying to help.
Please see attached pics of what happens if i plug each of the fans into position 1 of the hub only.

pic 1- LL140 (works fine)
pic 2 - LL120 (rainbow with blue spot..)
pic 3 - other LL120 (blue spot only...)

Tomorrow my LED hub and new LL120 replacement fans are arriving, hopefully will make a everything work

DevBiker 08-20-2018 09:20 PM

It sounds like it's not the fan hub but the fans themselves, likely both LL120's. :(

RGambit 08-21-2018 10:07 AM

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Everything working fine now with the 2 new LL120 fans. Thank you guys for helping :)

RGambit 10-18-2018 10:40 AM

Since you were so helpful with my previous issue, would you be so kind and check my post in this thread and see if you can help me? thank you

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